Custom Services

Custom Support Solutions
Destiny Design Services Our design team helps support our agents and provides custom design and marketing services that include:

  • Custom Email Marketing System –
  • In-house Web and Print Design Services
  • Printing and Binding Services
  • Ad Design and Placement
  • Agent Websites
  • Blog Design & Hosting
  • Social Media Support & more

Shared Personal Assistant
Our Shared Personal Assistant Program takes the burden and expense of hiring out of the equation. Associates can hire one of our assistants on an hourly basis to manage marketing campaigns, database management, email marketing, setting appointments, administrative paperwork and more. This allows the associate to delegate more and more as they develop their systems and build their practice. Associates can increase the hours they use an assistant as their business grows and when practical enter into a full time relationship with full support from the organization.
We also provide training and coaching to assist associates in determining which systems to implement or advance along with help in choosing the right tools.

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