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The skills needed for Realtors to meet the challenges of today’s market have never been greater. A Realtor must be more knowledgeable, professional and connected than ever before and a company must be more flexible and creative in the support and training it provides.

Here at RE/MAX Destiny we recognize the importance of building your business while working in your business. The more deliberate the effort the greater the results. Our company is a professional association of independent business owners. An organization focused on leveraging resources, refining systems and maintaining a stimulating environment where our members can thrive.

RE/MAX Destiny is built on three fundamental principles: Trust– we believe that when you always do the right thing people will trust you and trust is the foundation of meaningful relationships; Competence — to be constant learners and outstanding at what we do, always striving to improve; and Caring — by doing things like listening, really listening, providing clear options, managing the overall experience in the best possible manner and being there as a resource after the sale. By applying these principles we build referral-based business practices and relationships that remain strong in any market.

Attitude is everything. To that end, we work hard to keep our environment positive and helpful. We know that managing client stress may be the most underappreciated talent of the best Realtors. Stability, consistency and support make a huge difference, particularly when you need it most.

Please don’t hesitate to connect. We are always open to sharing.


Jim Burton, Owner

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