The Seven Laws of Nature

I am often asked why I smile so much and why I am so positive.  I live by some very basic beliefs and in an effort to share I created an abbreviated outline of the seven natural laws and added my two cents.

Energy Is Everything! Energy is potential and momentum.  There is a natural ebb and flow to life.  It is important to accept what is and learn to move within the natural flow of energy.

1. The Law of Attraction and Vibration:

Like attracts like, people attract energy like the energy they project.  Positive people attract others like them or those moving in the same direction. Thoughts and feelings are energy. Whenever you are sensitive to someone else’s feelings, when you are aware of your own feelings, this is a conscious perception of a vibration. You have a choice. A vibration is energy that is either positive or negative.  You have the power to choose your thoughts or change them by what you choose to think about, by how you speak to yourself.  Listen to your thoughts and ask yourself if they are congruent with the person you are or want to be.  The energy you project is what you will receive.  You are what you project!

Identify what you truly want and eliminate the negative. You must create the opposite of what you don’t want. The law of attraction responds to how you feel about what you say and what you think.  Simply release your affirmations and believe.  The universe will take care of your request as long as you do not doubt and break the flow that is yours if you simply believe.

2. The Law of Polarity:

Everything in the Universe has an equal or an exact opposite! Learn to see both sides of every situation and your life will flow much smoother and you will be able to see that there is value in both.  You cannot have one without the other so learn to embrace both.  Embracing the positive in every situation moves you in the direction of your dreams.  Accept the good and the bad in your life.  Joy and sorrow are both beautiful. Learn to accept what is and lean into it.

The center is a place of balance.  Learn to recognize that everything you think, say or do is on a scale like that of the number line.  You can add or subtract what you need to get closer to the balance and peace that comes from being centered.

3. The Law of Rhythm:

Everything is moving in perfect rhythm.  Our thoughts and actions are what create speed bumps and unnatural or off beat rhythms in our lives.  Learn to be flexible and move with the flow.  Develop your “flex power”.  Fear tends to create resistance. Resistance slows the speed of trust. Recognize when you are in a current or even worse a rip tide, when you are resisting the natural rhythm in business and in life.  Stay focused on your vision and go with the flow.

4. The Law of Relativity:

Everything is relative! You cannot define something without having something to compare it to. Catch yourself when you are making comparisons.  Learn not to compare to others or to past experiences.  Look at thing as” it just is”, without judgment and you will avoid succumbing to feelings like you are not enough or you do not have enough.  Comparisons are never what they seem and in a negative light, toxic to the soul.

5. The Law of Cause and Effect:

For every cause there is an effect, and for every effect there is a cause. For every action we take there is an effect, one that ripples through the universe, much like that of a beam of light moving forever in one direction. Your actions impact everything around you and go on to impact others beyond that.  If you send good thoughts and positive energy out you will receive the same or similar back, and of course the opposite is also true.  We are the creators of heaven and/or hell right here on earth.  Be aware of that power and use it wisely.

6. The Law of Gender and Gestation:

Both male and female are necessary for creation.  These are two complimentary energies, that of giving and taking, which gives rise to new creation.  Speaking is masculine energy (asserting) and listening is female energy (receiving). The actual sex of the persons making creative connection is of no consequence.  This is the creative law.  This law decrees that all seeds most importantly “thought seeds” have a gestation period before they manifest.  It takes an appropriate amount of time for a thought, image or creation to move into its physical counterpart.

7. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:

Energy is forever moving into and out of different forms. All energy fields are connected.  Energy is constantly flowing.  It is a human reality that we can only focus on one thing at a time.  Energy on the other hand is never actually created or destroyed.  It simply moves from one form into another.  The beauty of this is that your thoughts have the ability to transmute from the nonphysical to physical all the time.



Cambridge Condo Trends – October 2011

Cambridge Summary: Inventory for October continued to decline, dropping 45% compared to the same period last year. ~ Condo listing $ volume is considerably lower by 48% from 165 million to 85 million. ~ The median list price increased slightly by $9,000 with properties selling an average of 5 days faster. ~ Condos that went under agreement for the month increased by 29%.

Condo sales for the month were flat in comparison down .02%. ~ Year to date sales were up almost 4% or 22 more condos than in October last year. Cambridge condo sold $ volume for the month was flat loosing only -.02% a difference of $471,800. YTD sold $ volume is up 4.73% over last year. ~ The median sale price improved by 9% with the ratio of sale price to original price the same at 95%. ~ The average square foot price for October was $459 per square foot with the average living area at 1,044 sf, 111 fewer square feet than in 2010.

Somerville Condo Trends For October 2011

Somerville Summary: Condo inventory in Somerville remains about the same as last October up only1.5%. ~ The median list price shows a modest increase of $8,876  with the active days on market showing more demand by improving to 87 days from 102 in 2010 ~ Condo listing volume or market value at the end of October barley  increased by only $390,486. ~ Condos going under agreement did increased by 23%. ~ Condos sold for the month went up 28% with the YTD number of condos sold falling behind by 8%. ~

Somerville condo sold $ volume went up by 34% from 6+ million in 2010 to over 9 million this past October.

YTD sold $ volume remains behind by nearly 4% compared to last year at the same time. ~ Sold average days on market remained the same at 72 days. The original price to sale price ratio tightened a point to 96%. ~ The average square foot price rose to $386 per square foot for October with the average condo size also increasing 86 square feet to of 1,174 square feet.

New Commercial Designation Completed

This weekend I took advantage of the cancelled Komen Race for the Cure and finished the requirements in order to obtain the newly offed ACP Designation. It is a training program designed to help residential agents transition into the commercial world of real estate.  The instructor Dan Andrews is a commercial practitioner in Michigan that has some eight years as a professor at University of Michigan.  He does an excellent job in presenting the material.  I watched the videos through RE/MAX University.  There were five modules with ten question tests following each.  Pretty cool the way it all works.  I used ROKU to watch the videos on my TV and took the tests online.

I found the program well designed. I must admit it is indeed a challenge to cover all of the terms and methods used in commercial real estate.  Dan put the material in good order. The ACP program is an overview from which one can better choose an area of expertise and direction.

I took the course because I recently decided to practice commercial real estate to help expedite the process of getting a commercial division going within our company.  The first phase which was to start property management company is doing quite well and growing thanks to Scott Vermilya, our managing partner.  It is hugely helpful to be able to provide management services to our residential clients and to assist our agents in developing deeper relationships with their clients. This relationship is creating all kinds of new opportunities for us.

So in a way I guess that this designation signifies the actual start of our commercial division.  Now, in addition to providing commercial services we will look to add additional practitioners and grow our commercial division.  So stay tuned for upcoming developments.

Cambridge Condo Trends – September 2011

Cambridge Summary: Inventory for September dropped 38% compared to the same period last year. ~ Condo listing $ volume  is down considerably by over 41% from 166 million to 97 million. ~ The median list price fell slightly by $3,550  with properties selling faster at 87 days on average. ~ Condos going under agreement for the month increased by 27%. ~ Sales for the month increased more than 23%. ~ Year to date by +4% or 21 more condos than in September last year.

Cambridge condo sold $ volume was up over 35% almost 10 million from 18 million in 2010 to 28 million this past September.  YTD sold $ volume is up 4.73% over last year. ~ The median sale price improved by 9% with the ratio of sale price to original price the same at 95%. ~ The average square foot price for September was $512 per square foot with the average living area of 1,166 sf.

Somerville Condo Trends – September 2011


Somerville Summary: Condo inventory in Somerville is about the same as last September but down 3%. ~ The median list price shows the same with a slight increase of $1,100 with the active days on market showing more demand by improving to 74 days from 93 in 2010 ~ Condo listing volume or market value at the end of September decreased by nearly 2% from 58 million in 2010 to 57 million for September 2011.

Condos going under agreement decreased by  7, or 29%. ~ Condos sold for the month was down 7% with the YTD number sold falling behind by 35%. ~ Somerville condo sold $ volume was down by 36% from 12 million in 2010 to almost 8 million this past September.  YTD sold $ volume is down 7% over last year at the same time. ~ Sold average days on market decreased 18 days to 87 days. The original price to sale price ratio increased a point to 95%. ~ The average square foot price was $352 per square foot for September with the average condo size of 1,110 square feet.